🚀 Borrow up to £250k 🚀 24 to 72-month loan terms  🚀 Ltd & LLPs


What is a government-backed business loan exactly?

Government-backed business loans work very much like commercial business loans offered by banks and other lenders, with the exception that they are funded or guaranteed by the UK Government. This type of finance makes essential funding available to new and existing business owners.

What can government-backed business loans be used for?

Government-backed business loans help small UK businesses gain the finance they need to grow and succeed. Your business loan can be used for almost any legitimate business purpose, providing it supports trading activity in the UK.

How do government-backed loans differ from government grants?

Government-backed business loans shouldn’t be confused with government grants. The main difference is that loans are repayable, whereas grants are not. While applying for a business grant rather than a loan may seem like the obvious choice for this reason, keep in mind that government grants are limited and fewer applications are accepted.

Government Backed Recovery Loan

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What is a Government-Backed Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS)?


This government-backed loan scheme is designed to support businesses just like yours access funding to invest and grow.

🚀 Borrow up to £250,000    🚀 24 to 72-month loan terms   🚀 Limited Companies and LLPs



You may be eligible for a loan through the Recovery Loan Scheme if your business:

🚀 Must be trading in the UK    🚀 Turnover of £45 million or less


You need to show that your business:

It is viable & not in difficulty

Businesses that received support under the earlier COVID-19 loan guarantee schemes and earlier phases of the Recovery Loan Scheme are eligible to access finance under this scheme if they meet all other eligibility criteria.

Apply as a limited company without affecting your credit score