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Despite legislation giving businesses a right to claim interest against late payment, analysis from Experian has revealed debtors are still flouting payment terms with bills being paid an average of 25 days late during the first quarter of 2013.

This, along with the other financial pressures that businesses face, has meant Invoice Finance has fast become an effective and popular way to improve cashflow and help grow a business.

You can receive an immediate injection of working capital against outstanding invoices and up to 90% of ongoing invoices. Not just on time but actually within 24 hours of it being raised, with the remainder (less a small service fee) paid to you once the client settles the invoice.

So, there is an alternative to waiting. In fact, there are three sure fire ways to promptly raise the cash you need against money that you’re owed. Shire Funding can offer:

Invoice Factoring

In this instance, collection of the outstanding invoice becomes the responsibility of the funder. It saves time and effort on your part allowing you to focus on managing your business and increasing your profits.

Invoice Discounting

For businesses with their own in-house credit control, and that would prefer to collect the invoice themselves, a copy of the invoice is provided and the cash is in your bank within 48 hours.

Confidential Discounting and Factoring

Similar in many ways to invoice discounting and factoring this has the added benefit of being offered confidentially so your customers remain totally unaware of a funder's involvement.

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